As we all know the latest trailer for Star Wars the Force Awakens was released a few days ago. This is likely to be the last chunk of footage we will see of the new film before it's release and understandably every one is a touch excited. These days lots of people around the world take to the internet and share their excitement by posting reaction videos of them selfs as they watch trailers (and other things) for the first time. I saw a lot of interesting reactions for the previous two Star Wars the Force Awakens trailers and I released that these videos give you a very genuine look at peoples emotional state as they watch things that are important to them. Star Wars is a big part of my life! There is very little of that life (that I can remember) when Star Wars wasn't playing some part in it. Starting from when I didn't really understand what Star Wars was but the lasers looked cool, to obsessively collecting the action figures, listening to the music and attending midnight screenings. Star Wars has been the focal point of many parts of my life. So seeing people genuinely react to something that important to them (and me) was fascinating.

It's been a rough time these past fifteen years for Star Wars; it went from this untouchable entity to something that was ridiculed and made fun of, not only by those that never apriciated it but by those that did! The prequels in my opinion have a lot to answer for. Yes you can say that Star Wars was headed that way when the special editions were relased (and arguably parts of Jedi) but the original films were still in there, despite a new coat of paint underneath the same films we remembered still existed. The prequels however are a problem! They cast doubt over everything you learnt and loved form the original three. To most this isn't really a big deal and George Lucas can do what ever he wants (after all it's his thing) but if Star Wars is a big deal to you then they did a lot of damage. Now the first of three new films is coming out soon and Star Wars is front and centre again. We as fans of the series are going through the same things we went through in 1999.

This should be a time to enjoy but for me it was initially hard to get excited when the new films were announced. Unlike when the prequels were announced a we had no idea that Star Wars could be 'bad'. These new films are not a reboot (I'm not a fan of those despite how this may sound) but a continuation of the saga set after Jedi. These films were going to continue the story of the universe that I enjoyed so much but at the same time they would be effected by the films I didn't enjoy so much. Could it ever succeed? No matter how good the new films were they would still be set in a universe where medi-chlorians are a thing and Darth Vader is no longer an interesting character! A new Star Wars film in my opinion has many hurdles to overcome. I loved Star Wars once but the prequels really did instigate a period of my life when Star Wars want really a big deal to me anymore...

I promised myself I wouldn't get excited, no matter what. We all remember what it was like when the first big trailer for Episode I was released. I recorded it off the TV (on to VHS!!) and quite literally watched it again and again and again for longer than I can remember! It was a really good trailer and it was new Star Wars! The film looked amazing and we were getting more Star Wars which is what we always wanted (right?)! Yet it did not (possibly could not) live up to the hype and that incredible trailer. So now with new trailers appearing I find myself back in a familiar situation and a strange conflict has appeared. 

These trailers for the Force Awakens have been good! The entire way this film has been marketed so far is a stroke of genius. Somehow they have managed to slowly build back up the confidence lost from people like me, hitting all the right notes. Showing just the right amount of commitment to the original trilogy yet at the same time keeping it up to date with modern standards. Letting us know (even before we had seen anything) that practical effects would be important and then when we finally did see some footage proving that fact to us. They even went so far as to bring back the original cast which was a very risky move, but again it looks like they have handled it incredibly well.

All this build up before hitting us with the latest big trailer that kind of makes you think there was nothing to worry about in the first place. However when you have calmed down thought things through the conflict is there... What if we all make the same mistakes we did with Episode I and the film disappoints? What if this films is actually good and totally in keeping with the original trilogy, but can't quite rise above the elements laid down in the disappointing prequels? 

We shall see...

All I know for now is it's been a long period of time for me where Star Wars has meant less and less. I was still able to appreciated it but appreciate was all. The feelings that got stirred up every time I head the music was all but gone. Yet since they started releasing these trailers some feelings have started to come back. It's a dangerous place to be as I have explained but I'm very happy (for now) to enjoy this renaissance for as long as I can. This trailer brings back a lot of good memories for me and despite what the film may eventually ends up like I'm glad I got caught up in all this again. I'm happy to have been reminded what it is like to be excited by Star Wars again.

It's a relatively poor example but you can check out my reaction video for the new trailer below. It's a subtle reaction but I assure you its genuine. It made me smile!  Im the one in the middle, with me are Nick Jones and Ollie Smith; they also like Star Wars!