It has taken me a little while to get back in the habit of making films after last years 12 in a row left me more than a little exhausted! In the months that followed the screening I have helped out on a few shoots but I have not produced anything original since April!

Time to do something about that!

You think I might learn a lesson and this time spread out the next few films... Naaah!

Me, Tim and Andy have been making three short films throughout November. Three shorts in the genre of Sci-Fi! An exercise to get us warmed up and in the mood for a much bigger project (more about that next year!). Each of us took creative control over one of the films and each one was shot over a weekend in November. We intentionally kept the shooting periods short, to push ourselves and get something done!

You might recall the short we made last year called The Extraction which was part of a 48hr film competition (that's where you conceive, shoot and edit a film in two days!). These three films were approached in a similar way: 

Friday Night - Come up with the idea!

Saturday - Shoot it!

Sunday - Edit/Post Production...or in this case begin to edit.

The reason for the slight caveat on the Sunday (and the reason the films are not yet finished) is  because we wanted these films to have a very 'Sci-Fi' feel. We wanted to have some element of special effects in the final output. After all... Tim Watts and Andy Coram are pretty good at that part of film making. Click their names and check out the work they did on The 12 Films in a Year Project. What we really needed was to make sure we at least got something shot so we could spend the next couple of weeks adding our effects. After all... what's a good Sci-Fi film without a few lasers or robotic eyes!

We are still learning. Myself, Tim and Andy are simply looking to find a way that we can make our films better. We want to tell good stories and we want to expand on our abilities. Making a short film as a way to experiment with a new technique sounds way more fun than just shooting a 'test'. Sure we are going to fuck up every now and again but the more we do it the better prepared we are the next time. Every mistake or achievement makes the next time much less daunting. I don't want to make films being afraid of a challenge or afraid of something I'm not sure how to do. Too many ideas die out that way.

A huge, huge HUGE thanks to Bert AudubertBelle Mary HithersayMark Rodel-Duffy and Anjella Mackintosh for coming out to act in these three films! You are all awesome!! AND huge thanks to Graham Stabler for letting us use his workshop for filming and Donna Peng for acting and researching the best way to research fruit (it will make sense when you see the film!)

I will be sure to let you know when the three films are done!

In the meantime If anyone reading this is interested or knows of someone who might be interested in this sort of thing then please let us know!