Done! Done! Done!

It's December and this is the final film of the Twelve Films in a Year project! Am I sad its over, am I going to miss it all...

No! I still have 4 months of editing so it was far from over! However knowing that everything was shot did make me feel pretty good.

So the final film rounds up a kind of 'trilogy' that I have had going on since January. January's film about Belief and May's film about Memory would be concluded with December's film which would be about Time.

Each of these films follows one character with an accompanying voice over. They are not intended to be just about that one character, they are designate to give a little bit of insight into things that effect us all. Make us think for a second about a subject we may not have really thought about before. Belief and Memory would lead to a film about Time and where better set that than in space.

I don't need to go into how much I like Sci-Fi again as I have done plenty of that, but this film would be a little different. It would show a more abstract version of the future, something along the lines of 2001 or THX. It would be striking and minimal and give me an oportunity (much like with July's Sci-Fi western film) to create another film that was set in an entirely unfamiliar setting. Trying once again to create the kind of film that you would not see everyday.

I always knew that this would centre around a female character set on an infinite white background (because everything in the future is clean and white right?) A kind of purgatory space where the character would be alone. For that character I did something that was little unexpected!. I had kind of run out of time to find anyone and so I tentatively asked Gemma if she would do it. Gemma is my girlfriend if you didn't know and if you didn't know she does not like being in front of the camera. So I was a shock when she said yes. I really can't thank her enough for stepping up and letting me put her in the role. Gemma has had to put up with so much over this year of filming and has helped out on almost all the shoots in some way shape or form. Now as we were nearing the end she would be in one! I was more than happy with this. I like to put people I know in films, turn them into someone else for a day and allow them to experiment. Sometimes realise that they can do something they maybe thought they could not. 

Even more credit goes to Gemma for not backing down when she realised what she would need to ware! Much like the fact that everything in the future is clean and white, people also only ware tight fitting clothes... right?... I wanted the character and even the voice over to be potentially seen as not human. Almost like an Artificail intelligence assessing the human race. So Gemma needed to move like a machine, not like your traditional robot but precise movements. Movements that are calculated and intentional. She would be expressing the character thought the shape of her body and the movements she would make.

For this to work you don't need a lot of space, a white background is a white background. I found a small photography studio called Studio Blanco. A really nice quiet space. All Gemma would need to do was move around this white backdrop from multiple angles and I could create an edit. There is no world context to the way she would be walking. We took some green screen paper with us as I though it would be cool to have her looking out into space, not the blank white space but Space Space (stars and stuff).

That was going to be the extent of the Space we would see, apart form a few shots that are just non contextual space shot the film was intended to be for the most part the character in the white space. That was until I stated to mess around with 3D. Not the kind of 3D you pay too much for at the cinema and is generally crap... The kind of 3D where you create a model and put it in a scene... like a Space ship!!

In my continuing effort to learn to do more I picked up a 3D program and set about making the scene. I needed to make some stars and dust clouds and I also needed to make the space ship. This was little beyond me so I went to see if I could find one online. Turns out you can if your not too fussy, there are plenty of free models out there. I found one and really liked it. I downloaded it and put it in my space scene and was surprised that it didn't look too bad. I was just messing around with the settings till I got the look I wanted and it really was getting there. Then it got a little more complicated and then it got even more complicated. I reached a point where I wasn't getting anywhere anymore. So I turned to Tim!

Tim has saved my life on more than a few occasions and this was no different. He figured out that although the scene was looking 'ok' the Ship model was fundamentally broken and was the resin things were becoming impossible. Not sure what to do I asked Tim if he could take a look and see what the best solution was. I had grown attached to this space ship and didn't want to have to get rid of it all together. 

Tim came back with good and bad news. The bad news was he had to ditch the original model, the good news was that he thought he could recreate it. Thanks to Tim the shots of the space ship remained and are one of the finer things about this film. I was able to really expand on the original concept and make the film have a much more dramatic end and beginning.

So that's it... All done. Twelve Films, one a month for an entire year! It was necessary to give myself such a strict deadline but I'm not sure I would do it to quite that degree again.

The blog will now continue with real time updates, not backdated ones like these past twelve. I hope you will continue to read them and look at all everything else this website has to offer.