Who here hasn't heard of Comic-con?? Well... if you haven't it has become a huge focal point in the entertainment industries calendar. It is an all encompassing beast of a convention that is not only about comics as the name suggests, but a showcase of all you can probably think of when it comes to popular entertainment today. It has become a really big deal.

The phrase is somewhat revered and none more so than the San Diego Comic Con. Everyone looks to it for their first glimpse of upcoming releases, ever since Super Hero Movies came back in a big way Comi-con has been the place to see things first!

I have always wanted to go... actually that's not strictly true, I have always wanted to go representing something. You see, if you ever find yourself working on something that appears at comic-con you are either; part of something culture deems appropriate being there (win!), or your are part of something that is a major franchise (win). Recently I found myself as part of the latter!... Kind of.

First things first, I didn't get to go to Comi-con... (One day... Maybe). However I was asked to work on a Trailer for a franchise that was going to be represented at Comi-con! To me this is (almost) as good as. You see when you work on content that is distributed through the internet you can struggle to find an audience. Comi-con provides a captive audience who are all (for the most part) likely to be interested in your thing or are there specifically to see it!. Having something I worked on being seen by quite a few people is all I ever want. It's exposure and it's nice!

Enter Shaune Harrison an exceptional Special Make Up Artist who not only runs his own academy but has in the past few years begun working towards Directing feature length films. Shaune has been a friend of mine since we worked on another Trailer (which I edited for him) a few years ago for a feature that sadly did not make it. It was called DECAY and you can check it out here. Or click the creepy image below!

Sometimes you eat the bear, and sometimes, well, he eats you.

Sometimes you eat the bear, and sometimes, well, he eats you.

Shaune is an awesome guy who has worked on some incredible stuff (just look at his IMDB page) and is now winding up to Direct a movie adaptation of a series of books called The Chronicles of Nick. Written by Sherrilyn Kenyon.

Beginning with INFINITY

I have to be honest... I had not heard of this series before Shaune mentioned it. It's quite humbling to be shown a new thing when you think you have a good handle on what's out there! This series comprises of a bunch of Book and Comics! And soon a film!!!

Shaune came to me with the concept and a storyboard which looked all good! That's how these things usually start... The storyboard gives me the overall content, flow and an idea of how things should look. There was a big fiery/ember theme to it all which was great as fire lends itself to a lot of cool visual things. Fire can be both subtle and in your face, you can accomplish a great mood with just a heat haze! Mix that with some scenes of Zombies and Demons and I'm all in! 


However... as this film has not started shooting yet there was no actual footage!!! Never fear though! This is going to be movie after all... Shaune made the decision that there would be some small elements that would be actual footage. For this he called up our mutual friend Robert Shacklady (which again...Yes is his real name) Rob helped me shoot some of the 12 Films in a Year project and even shot the Decay trailer above (we are all one big happy family after all!). Rob and Shaune went away and shot a small intimate scene to help introduce the main character. Luckily that main character has some fairly distinguished features to help him stand out!

The rest of the created content was going be coming form a long time collaborator of Shaun called Kevin Hunter who created some incredible concept art for this film. See this posts banner for a glimpse of what I'm talking about. We were also privileged to be getting some extra concept art from Dabel Brothers Publishing who have been doing awesome work in the comic book space since 2001!

So this was not going be your average trailer. This was going to be a mixed media approach. That meant using everything at our disposal. Images from the comics, cover art, concept art etc.. How to make all that fit together is the fun part. 

This is more about setting a mood and a tone than it is explaining plot points. I remember the first footage trailer for the Lord of the Rings... It was pretty much just the one ring spinning through fire. It didn't show much. But it allowed the fans or anyone watching it that they were doing it, that the film was real and that it was going to be dramatic.

At the early stage of a films production that's all anybody really needs to know. 

So this is what we made. Let us know what you think! And hopefully it will be a full blown film before too long!!



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