Holy Hell! We do a lot of Star Wars related things on this website! Star Wars was a big influence on a lot of people wanting to be a part of the film making industry. So it's no surprise that a little insight into how a Star Wars film gets made turns into kind of a big deal.

The Star Wars Episode One Making Of Documentary is kind of a rarity; there isn't anything of the sort for the previous three films. Sure there have been a lot of documentaries that retrospectively look back on the making of Star Wars but nothing that documents the process as it happened. We got a little taste of this whilst they were making the special editions but not for a full on film! The Beginning is a documentary that was conceived before production began on Star Wars Episode One. This was going to be taking a real close look behind the scenes and following George Lucas as he and his team made the first new Star Wars film in 16 years!

This is a big deal! Total access to one of the most anticipated films ever. We would get a look inside Star Wars like never before. All of this sounds good... Doesn't it?

Spin-on to a time after Episode One had landed in cinemas. All the hype and anticipation had exploded and we were left with a film that didn't necessarily live up to expectation. Sad times. But for me there was still this little voice in the back of my mind saying "Episode One was kinda good, trust me". So I did what any self respecting fan would do... I spent all my money on Star Wars things! And this carried on until the VHS came out (yeah this was still a time of VHS tapes). I watched the film again and it scratched an itch, after all this was still new Star Wars. 

Then the greatest event in the world happened.... DVD's became a thing.

Now there was a reason to buy all your old films again! Better visual quality, better sound and if that wasn't reason enough to sweeten the transition period even more there was the inclusion of the DVD 'extra'. Suddenly if you were a fan of film things couldn't be better. We got: Trailers, Featurettes, Documentaries and my personal favourite Commentaries. All this information about how a film was made packed up in one neat little box. DVD's became an art form, the boxes got more elaborate the menus got more and more complex and so much stuff was either produced or simply dug up to sit alongside the films you loved. Star Wars was no different.

Episode One came out on DVD in 2001 and along with it came a whole extra disc of things! 

The most interesting of these was the hour long Documentary titled 'The Beginning'. A documentary 'apparently' taken from 600hrs worth of footage. This really interested me then and it still does today. My views on Episode One have changed over the years as has my experience in the industry. Seeing this documentary in total hindsight of not only the film that was produced but also the way films were made back then is fascinating. You get to see the decision making process almost unedited, you get to see why certain things ended up the way they did and most importantly you get a real insight into the way George Lucas made the film and how that would effect film making in the years to come. 

Watch us watch the Documentary and let us know what your thoughts are. Check out the video below...