We all like to play computer games... Right? I know I do, yet in recent years I have had fewer and fewer hours to play them. At A Certain Style we spend a lot of time talking about films and only occasionally venture into the massive world of computer games (Check out our play through of Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes). This is something that we intend to change over the coming months but right now my good friend Tim (you will know him from the podcast) has made a game and you can play it right now!

Click on the image to play the game.

Click on the image to play the game.

Time is always an issues as you get older and things like computer games take a back seat. They traditionally eat up a tonne of time, some games easily falling in to the 90+hrs category! This is however becoming less and less of an issues as many mobile games are providing quick experiences for people. Those who simply do not have the time (or want to fit something quick in-between larger games!) have an option now and that 'quick play' nature now seems to have extend into the making of games!  

Global Game Jam is a yearly event that took place (this year) on January 29th-31. It is a global event that see's Games Developers take on a challenge: to make a game from start to finish in two days! Groups of people meet up at designated locations in their respective cities and form a team. That team works to make of a game based around a certain theme. It's a cool idea and one that I totally subscribe too. We have made a few 48hr films over the years (check out this one that Tim worked on) and they are always a great way to work with people and come up with new ideas. 

This type of thing should be applauded and Tim has done an awesome job! If you have a spare minute or two then give the game a quick play. Created in just two days and based around the theme of 'Rituals' it's a neat little 2D side scroller.