Here is the new music video for Swindon based performer Plummie Racket titled '2 Years Ago'. The first music video in his solo career looks back at his time in previous band 'The Racket'. The video is a mix of performance and narrative sections that show the process of creating the song. We see the initial experiences that motivate the song, the writing of the song, recording and playing the song.

This music video was also the first time using the Blackmagic 4K Cinema camera that we won for the short film 'The Extraction'.

It was good to have a reason to use it as that's the best way to test how something works. Getting used to things like battery life, how quickly you can change settings or how long it takes to off load footage. All these are put to the test when you have to actually achieve something. Another first was the use of a lens that I got from Motion Six who custom build lenses. This one creates an anamorphic look and I was even able to choose the colours emitted every time the lens 'flares'. It's fun!!

So how did it go... Well the cameras images are incredible which is a good start, actually its a great start. Its menus are clear and responsive (despite being a touch screen) and changes can be made super fast. Its sturdy if a little front heavy and using the built in screen there is enough resolution (and focus assist) to be able to keep focus well when on your own. The issues start to arrive when it comes to battery life! This camera has a built in battery which does not last long at all!! So you need a lot of external batteries to keep going. This coupled with the size of the files created means that on your own its tough to keep ahead of charging batteries and off loading footage. That said it's unusual to be completely on your own for a shoot and if you are then I would switch back to the 5D in a second. What you get for a little bit more effort is an amazing picture and that's totally worth it! 

Very BIG thanks to Chris Needham for letting me borrow some kit to get the Blackmagic up and running!!

Directed Filmed and Edited - Guy Hawkins